What Is Stalking?

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Stalking is a crime that greatly impacts its victims. Declared a criminal offence in November 2012, it occurs when one person becomes fixated on another. The perpetrator will attempt to call text, follow, or contact the victim when that attention is unwanted or otherwise carried out in a manner that could be expected to cause alarm, distress, or fear. At Sussex Stalking Support, we are determined to raise awareness of this crime and its impact.

Why Is Stalking So Damaging?

Not many crimes have the potential to be as invasive and destructive as stalking. In most cases, a stalker is someone the victim knows, meaning that they have full knowledge of:

- Daily Routine
- Strengths and Weaknesses
- Likes and Dislikes
- Friends and Family
- Habits and Fears

The personal nature of stalking often has a debilitating effect on victims. Everybody responds differently to trauma, and due to the continued lack of understanding around stalking behaviours and motivations, these may go undetected for years.

Current Research

In April 2019, to coincide with National Stalking Awareness Week, the National Stalking Consortium will publish a report highlighting the need for more recognition of the impact of stalking on victims, including their families and support networks.

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