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Training and Research

Addressing the Impact

Sussex Stalking Support offers bespoke workplace training for volunteers and professionals who are interested in what we do. Based in Brighton, East Sussex, our stalking support group works together with national organisations, academics, and universities in order to better understand the significant and often long-term impact that stalking has on its victims.

Training and Advice

We provide training and advice for professionals in various areas, including:

Training and Advice

  • How to Identify Stalking and Record It (Half-Day Training)

  • Stalking in the Workplace (Half-Day Training)

  • Stalking and Risk (Half-Day Training)

  • Stalking Typologies (Full-Day Training)

  • Addressing the Impact of Stalking (Full-Day Training)

Training Packages

Training Packages

  • "Understanding Stalking and Safety Planning”

  • "Reporting Stalking Guidelines”

  • CPD ‘Stalking in the Workplace’

  • Short Introductory Course ‘What is Stalking?’

  • “Survivors of Stalking Presentation”

  • “in Plain Sight” (Survivors of Stalking Film)

Research and Publications

-  Sam Taylor, Helen Leigh-Phippard and Alec Grant

Initial findings from a pilot study into Health Care Responses to Stalking: Implications and Recommendations

- Short, E., Taylor, S. and Barnes, J.

- Sam Taylor, Helen Leigh-Phippard and Alec Grant


Working with the Home Office, NHS UK, and Safeguarding to support changes in guidance into stalking and best practice within healthcare workers in dealing with victims of stalking.

Partnership with The University of Bedfordshire and National Stalking Consortium on research into ‘Healthcare Responses to Stalking’

In April 2019 Sussex Stalking Support co-wrote and published a report on the Healthcare Responses to Stalking, the findings of which identified a significant number of people suffering from Posttraumatic stress disorder due to their experiences of stalking.

Pan Sussex Stalking Working Group

We’re members of the Pan Sussex group, which includes statutory, voluntary and community sector partners across Sussex who work together, acting to improve multi-agency responses to stalking in the Sussex area.

Sussex Police

Sussex Police are supporters of Sussex Stalking Support, and work with them to support victims of stalking. We continue to give training and support to the police. (

The Portal

We actively engage with local domestic abuse and sexual violence services providing one another with mutual support in the community. Sussex Stalking Support has a referral pathway with the Portal. (

DVA, SV and Stalking Operational Group

Sussex Stalking Support attends the multi-agency operational group contributing to matters relating to stalking, including updates.

VAWG Forum

Sussex Stalking Support is part of the Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Forum, who share good practice, raising awareness of domestic and sexual abuse and violence against women and girls’ enabling practitioners to stay up to date with local, regional and national policies that impact on the sector (

MARAC Brighton & Hove and East Sussex

Our team make referrals to MARAC when we identify high risk cases of exintimate partner stalking. MARAC is a domestic abuse MultiAgency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) which brings together representatives from a number of agencies in Brighton & Hove to discuss the safety, health and well-being of people (and their children) experiencing domestic abuse. (

CPS Community Engagement Panel

We’re members of the Local Scrutiny and Involvement Panels (LSIPs), which are made up of community representatives and staff. We offer training to members in relation to stalking.

Community Works

Sussex Stalking Support is a member of Community Works, who connect charities, volunteers and business in Brighton, Hove, Adur and Worthing, aiming to make our society and local areas better. (