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Stalking Support from Local Experts

Addressing the Impact

People need safe spaces to process what has happened to them. The people who access our service tell us what benefits them most is speaking to others who have been through similar experiences, where they can share their stories, speak openly and freely and particularly not feel judged. As a service-user led organisation offer stalking support and recovery, this is something that Sussex Stalking Support feels very passionate about.

Sam Taylor, Founder and Executive Director

One-to-One Support

Some people may not feel ready to join a group just yet and may prefer to speak directly to one person. Sometimes known as mentoring, our one-to-one peer support sessions are ideal for your needs. We offer appointments over the phone, via email, or face-to-face at our premises in Brighton, East Sussex. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and arrange an appointment.

Assisting Your Recovery

All one-to-one sessions are organised a professional facilitator and counsellor. Backed by many years of experience working with people who have experienced stalking, trauma, and mental health issues, we are here to assist your recovery by providing a safe space in which to address your experiences.

Peer Support

Trust in our peer support services to help you recover from traumatic experiences, whether you want to share your story in our support group or arrange a one-to-one session.


Address your experiences in a safe space through the helpful medium of creative therapy, including life writing and art therapy.


We have a range of peer support groups that allow victims of stalking meet and exchange stories and help each other.

Peer Support Groups

  • You Will Be Believed

  • You Will Not Be Judged

  • You Will Be Understood

Peer Support and Volunteering is part of the ethos of Sussex Stalking Support. People who have experience of stalking are able to empathise with the people who come to us for help. We have built a support and recovery package based on the recommendations and experiences of our volunteers. These groups are part of our recovery process. Members are encouraged to decide how the sessions will look and feel.

We run peer support groups across Sussex.


Recovery can be creative and inspiring. Groups of those affected by stalking come together to explore their artistic talents or to discover new talents. We run art, music, and writing workshops.

Create Time

These creative arts sessions are arranged through peer discussion and led by a variety of highly skilled artists.

Write Time

Sam Taylor has run writing for recovery groups for many years. The sessions are a mix of one-off events and 8-week courses.

Training for Volunteers and Ambassadors

Many of the clients we support want to learn more about stalking. We offer training for our volunteers and ambassadors.